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Life & Times

I ve got a checkered history,
almost lost my way.
Lost myself in a mystery deep and misty grey,
Wanderin through dry places, 
long & lonely days,
Empty faces talkin.
Walk on, never stay

I reckoned myself dead and strapped on a loaded gun,
Jus like 7 times before
7 times i'd won
7 men whos empty eyes will never again see the mornin sun.
I've got an evil reputation
but dont you worry none,
I am a child of indignation ,
I will not tarry long

Life and times,
Oh this life in time

Lewis n Clark wandered  west to see what they could find
They charted a mystic wilderness
the glaciers left behind.
Lewis was a determined man but he had a troulbled mlnd
Clark took no rest
Each raging river a sacred quest
No mountain but he loved to climb

I hav longins and I have time, 
but a little further on down the line
They will go away
Thats a price I gladly pay
To live this moment
To live each day

We'd all lov to say,
"I lived each one
Just like it was my last,
Let tomoro wander free
Dont regret the past."
Pardon me,
As i drift here between the waves
Not quite slow but not quite fast,
I ve saved a few But lost some too
Can't recall everything that trickled through
The cracks in this old wall
Life and Times
Oh This life in time

Orion Fell

Orion fell
and frightened away
all the children of heaven.
They covered their eyes
as he passed by
with a handful of
and a heavy sigh,
the serpent trailing
from his heel.

When Orion fell
Seven Sisters wept
the tears of the Pleades
as Taurus lept
and Scorpio smiled
at the serpents bite
the star of the morning
swept the night

When Orion fell
the Sirens called
and Odyseus sailed
into the rocks that walled
the Cyclops lair
and the Argonauts quailed
at Medusa's hair
and their hearts
were turned to

Yea, Orion fell
when his shield came down
in the heat of the battle
as Leo frowned
and Pisces fled
from heavens shore
to the deepest sea
Where Poseidon wept
for vanities son

Virgo pierced Orions breast
with an arrow;
bound to fail the test of eons
among Gods so small
that jealousy stained them
one and all.

So Orion fell
And frightened away
all the children of heaven.
They covered their eyes
as he passed by
with a broken sword
and a heavy sigh,
the serpent
trailing from his heel....
that serpent
trailing from his heel.


Tired Man's Tune

I am a tired man

The weather weighs me down

Not the kind of storms or cold or

Rain you feel outside,

More the continual wind of


That breaks you up


But I am a hopeful man

So you will see me smile

and wear it like a raincoat

To keep my

innards dry

Till floods of tears

Make rainbows in the sun

that burns

Until it turns the tide.

I've walked a mile in darkness

Then I've walked a mile in light

And for all my endless walking

I can't tell the day from night sometimes

But I will tell a secret

(You can listen if you like)

I was born into this world


and screaming for a fight.

I've given out a blow or two

And taken in return

Enough to teach me

Wisdom and humility

are true

but also real elusive

To folks like me and you,

But if you let it make you bitter

you must drink that

Bitter brew.

I'd rather find A sunny day

And sip a glass of wine or two

And sit out on the front porch.

Talk of things

That make us glad,

Remembering the good times

With friends and loved ones we've had taken

By space or time or just the world

that spins around

and share some laughter

Or even cry some.

A good cry between friends

Is never bad

So maybe

You will tag along

As I walk another mile

And I hope you'll overlook it

If you see some sadness

Once in awhile

But I'll be damned if I'll give up-

One thing I do not want to be

Is someone elses rain cloud

Whenever they bump into me

And I told the Lord last Friday

I am grateful

For His love

And the grace I see occasionally

Fall like

Sparkling showers from above

I saw a mother laughing with her child

And I walked in that for quite a while

Yea, I must say, I'm a tired man

But please,

don't get me wrong

I'm not too tired to have a drink

Break out the best

And sing a song or two

Or three

Because after all

Its these moments that we live for

Till we see the writing on the wall

And all that we can take up there

Are things we found for free down here

Like friendship







Oh, heck

Don't mind me none

I'm just a sentimental fool

and must be movin on.

Old School

He picks up the glass
cuz its his best defense
against a world that no longer makes any sense
to a man who was hard
cuz he had to be
in another time
in another place
and its seems that he’s always
a step behind
he can’t walk straight
between these lines
and the kids look at him like he's just a fool
old school

He smiles at the lady
who pours his drink
and reminds him of someone.
she smiles back.
he says "thanks",
and as she turns away.
time stands still for a moment.
he takes a sip
thinking, "I'm such a tool",
she don't what it’s like to be
old school

And the music that’s playin
is his
it was
the best ever heard
and they still think it’s cool
and they listen
not knowing
that what they are hearing is
for a guy who was there
and lived in the time
when it was new,
When the anthems were changing
but the faith was still true
to a man
in the sweat
and the blood of it.

So he picks up the glass
that's his only defense
against a world that no longer
makes any sense
and he wonders
if anyone
looking at him
was ever so lucky
and the lines on his face
tell the story
of that other time
of that other place
but the kids look at him like he's just a fool
old school